Automate the Process of Matching LOAs for IRCC Validation

Save your staff hours of tedious manual work and never miss IRCC’s 10-day validation window

How it works

Step 1: Get ready

Export LOA data from your institutional system to an Excel file and download the Excel file of LOAs to be validated from your IRCC Portal account.

Step 2: Match

Drag and drop both files into LOA Match and click Start.

Within seconds, the Validation Status column in the IRCC file is updated to “Verified - Matched”, “Verified - No Match” or “Cancelled” for each LOA.

Step 3: Review and upload

Check any “No Match” and “Cancelled” LOAs in your DLI Portal. Update validation statuses where appropriate.

Save your processed IRCC Excel file and upload back into your Portal account.

Features and Benefits

Increased Efficiency

Save your staff hours of tedious manual work, eliminate the risk of human error and never miss IRCC’s 10-day validation window.

Peace of Mind

Never worry about IRCC changes. Any updates (ex.: changes to Excel validation file) will be automatically implemented into LOA Match.


As a standalone tool, LOA Match does not access your institutional systems or databases. However integration is available upon request.

World Class Security

Your institutional data imported into LOAMatch is protected by iCent’s world class security measures and sensitive data protection policies.

Valuable Insights

Leverage Canada LOA's powerful reporting capability to produce comprehensive and up-to-date reports based on your LOA data.

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